Chairman Message

It is a Chairman Chairman Messagebig challenge for Government to confirm in our undeveloped unprivileged big populations countries million people health care. In every year, in which amount doctors are out to pass, that’s comparing so poor limitation in our huge population. There is only one registered Doctor for thousand people in this country. Other sides, In government’s medical colleges have which limitation amount of student admission sit ,from it ,more over huge amount student out of this limitation are passed  out with GPA -5.00 in SSC & HSC. For this result, in these countries whole nations intellectual students are falling down basically could not study in whole government’s higher educational institute. It’s really our bad luck.

In present countries, medical education & health care comprehensive extensive. In our present country, maximum privet medical collages are established. These all are the demand of era. Recently in traditional comilla established mainamoti medical collage & hospitals student left second year take 3rd batches admission, this is successful journeys proved. In these institutes successful is one side is educations comprehensive extensive, other is many patients take service from these institute – which is for our proudest.


I wish the new students welfare beside in these institutions better future.


Dr. Md. Shahidullah


Mainamoti Medical Collage & Hospital